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"I enjoy the meat and I hope many other Somalis will find it delicious," he added.Karima Samir, a female history student in Cairo's Ain Shams University, said it's easy to deal with dogs for their loyalty and kindness, unlike what many people may think, noting that she constantly educates herself about rescuing dogs by reading, surfing the Internet and watching relevant videos."I have the right to dream of a better life, like to have a stable living, to get married with the women I love and to have our own family," Rahman said.

The festivities also included well-received musical performances on a Chinese Dizi flute and a zither type stringed instrument, called a Guzheng, as well as a large, gold medal Tai Chi performance troupe that had the crowd enthralled."It is a privilege using this universal language of music to share and to guide the listeners through the experiences of this beautiful music," Jokubaviciute said. "I think as an artist, we bridge the necessary pathway between the art works in humanity."RAMALLAH, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) -- Chinese martial arts are gaining popularity among Palestinian girls in the West Bank."And ultimately, I think it is a part of him (Joker) trying to emerge, and I thought that was a very interesting way of looking at this laughter, because we all kind of presume what the Joker's laughter is, and this felt like a new, fresh way of looking at it," Phoenix said.


"It's my first time to visit this comprehensive museum that combines Pharaonic, Nubian, Coptic and Islamic artifacts," the Egyptian visitor added.(Xinhua reporters Zhang Mocheng and Zhang Yichi contributed to the story.)ACT, NOT JUST TALKAccording to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, unemployment in the Gaza Strip reached 43.9 percent compared with 17.9 percent in the West Bank.Kenyans working for Chinese firms will join their colleagues from the Asian nation to celebrate the Spring Festival on Valentine's Day, two days before the festival starts in strict-speaking terms.

URUMQI, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- As the first rays of sunshine climb over the snowy mountains on the Akyaz Valley, Nurkaldi Tursunali drives his 60 sheep to the pasture before going back to his log cabin to drink milk tea by a burning stove. It is a typical start to the herdsman's day.Finally, after inputs from Neiharika, the team began work on the device called "Safer Pro."

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 NextLONDON, April 17 (Xinhua) -- Hundreds of antiwar activists on Monday evening gathered outside the Parliament Square to protest against Britain's military strikes on Syria, chanting "Stop bombing Syria", as Prime Minister Theresa May was facing the British House of Commons for not consulting the Parliament before she ordered the April 7 strikes.

"Integrate yourself into the pot plant. You are standing at the roots of the trunk and looking up to take in all the beautiful scenery provided by mother nature," said Aoki, also managing director of the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum in Japan's Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo.She said to curb the challenge, there is a need for network providers in Malawi to provide cheap internet bundles in this time of the pandemic that will ease the accessibility of the internet among students in universities.


MOSUL, Iraq, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- Iraqi authorities on Thursday began removing debris from the site of the ancient al-Nuri Mosque destroyed last year during battles to dislodge the Islamic State (IS) militants from the old city center of Iraq's second largest city Mosul.The official said Pakistan’s export potential is much more than the current but the country is unable to increase it due to incapability like poor processing, old cultivation and harvesting methods, lack of required facilities to meet international protocol, low per-hectare yield and higher cost.by Ronald Ssekandi, Zhang Gaiping

"The increasing availability of affordable smart phones and cheap data bundles has also played a major role in facilitating internet penetration," said the regulator, noting other means Kenyans access the internet include high speed fiber and satellite."See there is no telephone communication and you know how tense the situation is," said Iqbal Ahmad, a resident of old city.She added that Japan had done everything right. Pressed hard from the front. Tackled hard. Kept great possession in midfield, played two touch football going forward and taking their chances when they came.

"The Chinese people had astronomical wisdom thousands of years ago, dividing the sky near the ecliptic into 28 stars, which is still useful for today's astrology observation," he noted.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next


"At given day, we have visitors filling up the literature and poetry section while young learners prefer sections that have books on contemporary subjects like information technology, chemistry, medicine and architecture," Dickens told Xinhua."The world in the eyes of a child - An exhibition of Chinese Picture Books" was one of the many events staged by China in and outside the Children's Book Fair held in the central Italian city from March 26 to March 29.

Following it, several female students said they were scared of walking on the streets and protested "Holi hooliganism."Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, this year's busy season is unusual for Yeung Siu-lung.Min lost both of his parents during the war. While fleeing southward, he was separated from the sisters when they were six and eight years old each. The sense of guilt that he failed to look after his young sisters has weighed down on his entire life.

Locals call it "the bridge of people's livelihood," as it facilitates transportation, attracts more commodities to flow between Java and Madura, and increases their income.Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next >>|

Beijing is May's second stop in China. She toured the Chinese city of Wuhan earlier Wednesday, and announced details of a new approach covering pre-school through to postgraduate education."This is the age where they learn love and acceptance and tolerance," she said, referring to her students.

In 2005, the local government erected a bust of Werner Gerich in Wuhan."This is an amazing, unbelievable and unforgettable Chinese language competition. All the student participants should be praised for their wonderful performance," a group of audience told Xinhua while the judges also nodded in agreement.Many charities enter this shelter every day, many of which are concerned with the children and how to provide them with entertainment after the woes of war they have witnessed in such small ages.

"Her remains were found in an unlooted tomb with her toys, as her father placed her when she died. It is nice because there is a grave stele with a poem written by her father which has also been preserved," Papagrigorakissaid who revealed that he named her Idyle.by Xinhua writer Liao BingqingThursday's event was part of a series of online Lunar New Year celebrations hosted by the Chinese embassy to mark the most important festival in China.The program also seeks to increase the number of joint ventures between the two sides.He did it, hoping the "miracle fruit" might help. Months later, he was told by doctors that his condition had somehow "improved remarkably."

The six-year-old is now fighting for his life in District Headquarters Hospital where he was shifted from his village. His two other brothers have been discharged from hospital, and are waiting for their playmate to return home."I have been looking for any job since my graduation ... I know the situation in Gaza is very difficult, but I'm hopeful that I may find a good permanent job," al-Ja'ouny said.Anwar measures her bow's brace height: the distance between the string and plunger button. It has to be the same every single time, and if it changes, it can affect the final shot.

This was not a usual day of school, nor the usual offer of books picked up from the library's catalogue: all of the fairy tales belonged to same-aged kids from China.In China, targeted poverty alleviation has been a focus of nationwide efforts over recent years, lifting more than 10 million people out of poverty annually. It is also an economic priority for the next three years. China has vowed to eradicate extreme poverty by 2020, a move contributing to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.Alicia Relinque (1st L), director of the Confucius Institute of Granada University, takes part in a meeting with colleagues at the Confucius Institute of Granada University in Granada, Spain, on Nov. 13, 2018.? (Xinhua/Guo Qiuda)

His neighbor, Khaled Hammoud, said he was the first to return to his shop and encouraged several people to return as well."There is a story behind each and every character of the Ramayana and my master not only taught me the know-hows of craftsmanship but also the detailed story of the character. Since then, I have done masks for almost every characters of the tale," said Sayar Sein who is now running his own art business including crafting masks for dramas, plays and religious festivals.

Brian Kimani, a flower vendor in his mid-20s said that red roses remain a favorite choice of gift among Kenyans celebrating Valentine's Day and its timeless allure."The Chinese people are so smart and wise that they know unreasonable fighting and conflicting waste too much money and sometimes ruin a country's reputation. It's fantastic that China has thoroughly dedicated itself to economic development and improving the wellbeing of its own people and people in many other countries."Lau, a retired teacher, also hoped the XRL would encourage more young people in Hong Kong to travel across the mainland so as to learn more about the development of the motherland.

Montera made history in 2019 -- joining an elite group of 40 women to "calf-rope" professionally for the first time, at the "Daddy of Them All," the annual Frontier Days rodeo in Cheyenne, capital of the U.S. state of Wyoming.The shelter is distinguished with the treatment of most difficult injuries or illnesses and its reception of any case at any time 24/7.

"The Kuwaiti emir visited China in early July and signed cooperation agreements with China, which provides an opportunity for cooperation between Kuwait and China," he said, noting that "in the future we hope to participate in more space science and technology projects of China."At the historic Sultanahmet Square, 565,000 tulips are making the largest tulip carpet in the world in an area of 1,734 square meters.

The colorful Huntington float, named "Cultivating Curiosity," incorporated prominent elements of the Chinese Garden, one of which is the Pavilion of the Three Friends, a Chinese-style temple named for the traditional "three friends of winter" in the ancient Chinese culture: bamboos, pines and plum blossoms.In California, "we are working together ... to build a stronger and more productive partnership with China," he said."The orders soar at night. Some of us even work until 3 a.m. since there are still online orders being placed. But we do get more pay at this time," Tang said, full of energy despite the day's hard work.Alice+Olivia will customize pieces with Chinese art reflective of their fun, colorful, and youthful women's clothing line.


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